Baseline Project is a multi-modal art and music program that showcases emerging and established artists across a variety of creative fields. Based on the premise that art is inherently collaborative and multi-disciplinary, the program was conceived as a platform for creative experimentation and integration. Not just an artist playground for those within exclusive inner circles, but an accessible ovation that exposes the developments within the underground art subculture to the public.

Those with a sincere interest in the undertakings and latest stirrings within the diverse fields of art are encouraged to actively participate in all Baseline Project programs. Not only attend the events, but also help shape its evolvement and future form. Event attendees are invited to interact with the art and the artists to become part of the event and creators in their own right.

The overarching goal of Baseline Project is to fuel the development of a cultural movement where art, music, and technology converge and, most importantly, evolves. Holding strongly to the belief that there is no excuse for the lack of enthusiasm and overall boredom that often pervades today's culture, Baseline Project hopes to put a spotlight on some of the creative endeavors and innovation that abounds, yet currently resides only within small cultural subsections and off the radar of those not within such groups.

Baseline Project not only showcases art, it explores the concepts of creativity itself, and gives rise to entirely new forms. Over time, it is expected that the event will begin to take on a life of its own, being directly influenced and guided by those involved. New formats of Baseline Project will be launched accordingly and evolve in its own time. Baseline Project is meant to be expansive, and as such, the event will also begin to pop up in key locations around the globe. Not restricted by geography, Baseline Project is an international endeavor, with global connection and collaboration central to its mission.